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Great shop!!!
For the first time I've found in Brussels spices from brand Rajas, without having to order in advance!!
On top of that I've found at this shop Ayurvedic herbs for hair!
It was really a great surprise to discover it!
And the shop is open until 8:30PM!
It's located near Place Jourdan, which makes it very convenient!

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I really like it
A modest appearance of this small shop on a picturesque corner of the street is greatly deceptive: it is full of nice and healthy pulses and cereals, spices, fruits, vegetables and even Ayurvedic herbs! I can bet it is definitively one of the best stores of Brussels; and I am talking not about Oriental shops in particular, but about food stores of Brussels in general. One can find here from most urgent products at low price to interesting and unexpected foods, which pass one's imagination every time. You can meet qualified sellers here who know their products what it is far not common in Brussels. Many small shops exist without properly translated product information or their product descriptions are too short, without necessary info about traditional use, e.g. some of shops with Bulgarian, North African products in another part of the city, and it can be a problem when employed people do not know what they sell in essence, though their products are good as such. Besides, working hours of Garam Masala are very convenient for people who can do shopping only in evenings after work or during weekends. Three other Indian/Bangladeshi stores in proximity of this shop makes the quarter even more attractive for people who like exotic fruits, odorous healthy kitchen and natural cosmetics, tested during centuries.

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