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Terrible attitude and NO RESPECT to customers
This is what a colleague of mine had written to all Indians in my company.... His wife had to go thru a very terrible incident at this store

"This past Sunday (11/02/08) my wife tried to return an unopened tava that was defective. When she purchased it last week, she was told she could return it if unused and with the receipt. She had the receipt and had paid $9.99. The store manager operating the cash register argued that item was only $3.99 even though it had no price sticker. He refused to refund the money and lost his temper. He took the tava and threw it outside the front door, and told my wife to F*** off. The store was full of other customers waiting in line and they just watched. My wife was shocked by his rudeness and left the store very traumatized.
It is unbelievable that a store in the US would abuse a customer in this manner. More so to use profanity in such a manner to a female is disgusting.
I strongly plead you to not do business with such despicable people and only then will they know the value of customers."

Many Indian Grocery stores act as if they have monopoly... I guess its the consumers who are the boss..

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