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Bombay Indian Restaurant

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I went to Bombay Indian Restaurant recently and first impressions walking through the door was nice. Interior decor, seating was pleasant & drinks service/variety was impressive. It was the fact when I turned around and looked through into the kitchen and saw multiple dishes enter & exit the 2 microwaves I was less then impressed. I love my Indian food fresh and made to order especially at Bombay's prices. There is a far more authentic Indian restaurant just metres down the hall.

Business Development
Been here more than a few times during my stay in Changwon and missing it since leaving. Larger orders take a bit to arrive but that is no problem when you have a nice glass of red wine warming your taste buds for the great dishes.

Good one..
I visited Bombay Indian Restaurant in Changwon on 26th January 2011..
Its good..and prices are also okay.
Interiors and environment of Bombay restaurant is good.

Amazing Indian food
Bombay's food is fantastic and the place has a great atmosphere, too. Not even comparable to the place in Canberra hotel across the street. Way better!

Very Good Food
Very Good Food.

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