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I usually don't write very many reviews. However, I had a horrible time at the restaurant this evening with the family that thought of writing a review. The quality of the food was terrible, so much so that between te four dishes that we got, we only ate 3 tablespoons of each of the dishes. The Malai Kofta was horribly sweet. The Daal Makhani had too much masala that it was at the verge of being too botter. The Butter Chicken was not at all cooked in the tandoor (the server kept insisting that it was). The Rumali Roti was extremely chewy that I was afraid of loosing my teeth fillings. The only thing that was moderately good was the Malai Kabab, which I'm not sure how someone could ruin that dish. There was only one other family at the restaurant between 8pm-9pm on a Friday night - that speaks about the quality of the restaurant.

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