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Good food for a friendly price!
We come here about 3 times a year and I couldn't disagree more with the previous review.
The owner is a very friendly man, who is always into a social talk.
About the food: it's not the best Indian Food that I ever had, but it's good.
A fresh, descent meal for a honest price!

Indian Tandoori, Bruges
We went to this restaurant after reading good reports on the web.

We were very disappointed to find that the service was aggressive and unwelcoming, and that the food (2 different starters & 2 different mains) was virtually tasteless and devoid of character.

I have never before had an Indian meal that failed to have any spicy taste at all, but they managed it here.

Overall the meal was appalling and we could not wait to get out of the place as quickly as possible.

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