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One of the Best choices in Seattle Area
Absolutely one of the best choices in Seattle, for the discerning foodie. If you are looking for that rich flavour palate that is Indian food – look no further! This is it. Spice Route does it right! And they offer selections that go far, far beyond they typical Mughlai / North West choices.

Spice Route had been recommended to me by several co-workers for almost a year since they opened with the new management. If you are not familiar, in the past 8 years, the restaurant has changed hands at least 3 times. And the last time I was there with a colleague, I was so embarassed by the tepid, flavourless & watered down dishes, that I was quite leary of ever entering their doors again.

I decided to give it a shot anyway one afternoon & what a revealation! And since then, Sunday Buffet has become a regular feature for me & several friends. Food is the common thread, the great unifier! Spice Route for World Peace!! J

But wait, there’s more! I didn’t think they could top the buffet service. And we all know how this goes – a restaurant offers a passable, maybe even a great buffet. But their a la carte / dinner service always leaves something to be desired. Not at the Spice Route! I was quite unprepared for what happened to me the first time I had dinner there. Vegetable Chettinad! You MUST try it!! And that’s not all on the dinner service menu.

I have eaten at Indian Restaurants on the East & West Coasts, parts of the Mid West (what can you expect there! J) – the only time I have been impressed with “desi” eateries would be at Paki restaurants. Spice Route is the one exception to that rule. For me, anyway. Enjoy!

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