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Guyam Groceries

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Best Grocery Store for Middle Eastern & Carribean Foods
I just visited Guy-Am on Friday 3/14/14 looking for spices, scotch bonnet peppers, and fresh thyme. The store had everything I was looking for and at a very reasonable price. The owner was very helpful and friendly.

I was seeking a large number of seasonings and such, there wasn't anything expired.

I will definitely be returning soon.

Expired Food
Having grown up in the Caribbean, it was a joy to find a local store that carried some of the things that I was familiar with as a child. However, after purchasing $50 worth of items, the sad reality was this: most of the items were expired. It is 2013, I didn't realize that I had to be on the look out for things that expired way back in 2010!!! I am so disappointed and will never venture to Guyam groceries again.

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