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A little expensive for sure, but soooooo good! The food is awesome and I don't feel so "heavy" after eating there. Portion was good, trully authentic

Lots of Choice!
Loved my experience at this indian restaurant - Queens Tandoor. Admirable menu list and interesting beverage choices with lots of helpful staff advice. All staff members were helpful and our personal server was quick with a charming remark as well as meeting any and all requests.

Racist, they chased me out just because Im local
I came to this place for a zillion times. I know how bad is this restaurant discrimination against the local, but all this time I still can handle it, since I know they hired uneducated staffs mostly. but this time is the worst I ever experienced.

I park in my car and the security named juan opened my car door, look at me and say "are you going to queens tandoor" and I simply answer, "where else". he started to look at me and my partner suspiciously like he was unhappy, and stared with our car door open for like 10 seconds, I look back and I say "whats wrong?" he closed our door and he still stared at us like he hated us. you can sense it.

While we're parking our car with our car window open, he say this "this restaurant is fully reserved and no more table available anymore" he shouted at us and says again "the table is full!" and he's trying to asks us to drove out from the parking area. we've seen it the restaurant has a lot of empty table before we parked in. he keep on saying the table is full, no more table for us, as if he doesnt want us to be there, with his behavior and his racial eyes on us. the female security look at me and try to smile, as she knew Im their frequent customer.

Im chinese local, im a business person, and I just cant accept the way they treated me. I just park our car and I went in to the restaurant, and I notice there is not even one local guests beside me there, and of course they have plenty of empty table. I asked them to call their owner, but their captain came. and he asked me what happened, and I answer him, and he just left me while Im talking. which is so extraordinary rude.

I told the other staff, "call your boss here". they replied, "our boss is at our other branch" and in sudden the supervisor came from upstairs came and asks "table for how many person? two? come here" I know he is trying his luck so none sees me unhappy with the racist issue there. he sit us in one table upstairs and asked what happened. but he didnt say any sorry. he keep on standing beside our table and try to listen to me and my partner talking about what kind of service they had. most of the staffs know I came there often. he keep on trying to get him out of our topic, like bringing this and that, come back and ask this and that.

After we finished eating and asking for the bill. he gave me a VIP membership card application, and he says, if he's going to call the security to apologize to me. Just like what I just mentioning with my partner that he should call the security to apologize. the security came and apologize, and I asked him "do you know what do you do wrong?" and amazingly he says "because I checked your car" I mean hellow, I dont mind you checking my car for even 10mins, if its for security reasons. but the way he stares at us and screamed at us chasing us out telling there is no more table, but they have plenty of empty table there.

Whats the need he asked me for filling in the VIP card? he wanted to know, what is my company and what is my position. and who I am.

They should be ashamed with how their service is, this place is not trained to serve what we called service and they are not trained to please customer. and if they were unhappy with the local guests there, then just put on "FOREIGN TOURISTS ONLY, NO LOCAL" in front of their door. and they will be the next pady's a few years ago.

They should be serving everyone equally, no matter what is our skin color and our nationality. it such a shame, for a foreign owned business, renting a local land, and degrading the local people.

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