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Authentic ,homely and tasty Indian food in Milano
Sarla is in the heart of Milano down town in a small lane which was the ring road of the Roman empire.It is a quiet space and you dont get choked or deafened by passing cars.It has a lovely spacious and artistic ambience with a glass kitchen.The service is warm and freindly.There is a vast range of dishes almost fifty and a wide choice of Wines and Indian Beers.Me and my family ate Pamjabi Kadhi,Chicken Madras,Bhindi Tadka (seasonal),Karari Tandoori Roti Chichen Tikka washed down with a couple of Kingfisher Beers.
When in Milano this is a must go place.

Lovely and Artistic Indian Restaurant in Milan
This is the best authentic Indian Restaurant in Milan.The ambience is excellent and there is a huge plain view glass kitchen so you can trust what your eyes see.The tables are very spacious unlike the hep fashionable places in Milan where you have to sit with your knees in your mouth and get elbowed from the sides.There is nobody shouting in your ears.There is a stately type of maitrè who reminded me of Jeeves of Woodhouse fame.
The food is superb !

This is a clear case of an Indian Restaurant far away from India but which has done more research on authentic Indian food than many in India.The indepth knowledge and culture of the owners can be felt.

I ate Karela,Bhindi ,Panjabi Kadhi and Loki Dal much to my satisfaction and came back repeatedly.While I was there a Group of NRI's from USA organized by Kuoni who also came twice.

The gentleman maitre Padam is an ex Tour Operator and knows how to make you feel at home.

The feeling that one gets is that healthy food and a beautiful ambience have been combined with finesse overlooking a wall to wall plain view kitchen.This creates the much needed transparency because the majority of Indian Restaurants abroad are not indeed Indian and many of them are unhygenic serving horrible 'Teli'food.

Try this place !

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