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Highly recommended to any Indian food fan in NWA.
Here in Northwest Arkansas, we have a major shortage of good Indian restaurants from which to choose. I'm not just talking quantity here, I am talking quality. Chutny's opened a few months ago in Rogers, and I was very excited to try it. Originally, it was a buffet only restaurant, but they now apparently have a menu-only rule for dinner, and buffet is at lunch time only. Drinks are included in the buffet price as well, at $9.99, a pretty good deal. They have some wonderful dishes that I am totally addicted to (Butter Chicken, Curried Goat, Bhindhi Masala, Palak Paneer) just to name a very few, and they are very good to keep vegetarian and meat dishes completely separate on the buffet. I think I ate there 7 times before I started seeing a repeat of dishes on the buffet - the variety is really huge and interesting. The naan is fresh and delicious, and their chutneys are great. The only problem I have is that their Raita is extremely inconsistent. It is so good when it is right, but when it is wrong - wow, is it bad. In addition, I spoke to one person who swears that when they ate there, the chicken tikka on the buffet was raw, and that they had left the tops on the chopped eggplant in the Eggplant Masala dish on the vegetarian buffet. However, from my experience, this was the best available in our area, and I highly recommend it to any Indian food fan in NWA.

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