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Not good food or service
I am a big fan of Indian food and normally my family doesnt like to go to this Mr India restaurant as it has a very bad reputation for quality of food & service since last few years. But after three years I thought to give it a try but wasnt worth it.
The food was bland and every curry tasted the same. The prices are enormous as compared to other indian restaurants but the quality isnt good atall to justify the prices. And to add to it the service is so poor that there are no words to describe it.
And at the end they just gave me the total figure and then I asked for the bill and then I found out that they made a mistake on the bill and overcharged me but I have good habit of checking all my bills and I found that they had added charges for the items that our family did not order and I pointed out to them but the guy insisted its correct until I profusely refused. They thought I wouldnt know it as most of the people just pay without checking the bill. Cheating & Dishonesty at its best.
I wouldnt recommend this place to any one as its not value for money and the whole practice of overcharging left a very bad taste.

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