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Apy Cooking!



Apy Cooking! is a popular Indian restaurant or grocery store serving Indian food and is located at USA, , , USA |



I was introduced to the art of cooking by my Amma (mother) and Bappama (grandmother) who cooked mostly Konkani food. My late grandmother loved trying out new recipes from Women’s Era and I would be treated to a new dish very often. My blog is a sac ...


A collection of Indian food recipes with a focus on South Indian and Konkani food

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This blog is about simple day-to-day recipes as well as some special recipes.The purpose is to jot down the cooking I have learnt so far :-) and to share it and most important is to learn more..as I am still a novice in cooking..Being a konkani by birth a ...


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Tickle My Senses is a Konkani Food Blog " with a treasure trove of traditional Mangalorean and other World food recipes. Do not miss the Fish Amshi Tikshi, Appams, Panpole and other traditional konkani recipes on this website.

Poole, UK


Tickle My Senses" Konkani Food Blog is a treasure trove of traditional Mangalorean and other World food recipes. Traditional recipes for Fish Amshi Tikshi, Mutton Polo Curry, Appams, Panpole, Crab Curry and more...

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Hello! i'm Mridula,a teacher by profession and a cook by passion.I'm yet another foodie in the more elaborate sense for i love to make as well as relish foooooood :-). The glee on people's face when they relish my food counts as the most priceless reward ...

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