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Very expensive !
Compared to the store right behind them their prices are ridiculously high. I only realized yesterday that all these years I have been paying more than what similar shops were selling (my bad!). For example, the South Asian Grocery right behind them was almost $8 less for a 8 lb bag of chana daal (lentils).

home maker
Rip off. Too expensive. you can sometimes bargain. I find them very unfriendly

Outrageous Pricing
It's a fairly organized stores and the owners are very polite and helpful. However it's way overpriced. If you compare the products, there is more than $3 difference on some products. It's shocking how these businesses are operating on Ottawa region. All this because they are in demand. Though I am not in the favor of multi national corporations and would like the local business to thrive but given the outrageous pricing, I would recommend check walmart baseline and south keys. Check out Loblaws for all dals and spices. Their spices are of very good quality. Check out Bulk and Barn. It's a shame, real shame what these local stores are doing. They are taking advantage of local community.

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