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Little India Restaurant

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LITTLE INDIA restaurant have Great Vege selection
If you are pure veg or veg lover this is the right place to be. We had fantastic Veg Thali ommm long time after we left from home.

Best Indian food in siem reap Cambodia
we visit siem reap Angkor city last month, so we found this Little India restaurant at last i wast fantastic for us as a Indian we know very well about our food. some restaurant have soooooooooooo meny reviews but i thing all are propaganda. this is the best place we had Indian food.
thanks to Miss Geetha who is the cook there

Best Indian food and a Pure Vegitarian food from little india restuarant
Cook from Little India Restaurant is a lady, She was very kind and friendly with my group. Few of my group are strictly vegetarian so it difficult to find a place pure veg, We went there asked some veg dishes. She made us some from her own kitchen pure veg. fantastic Indian food. Some got fantastic non veg food too. Chicken curry, mango lassi and Garlic nan was excellent too
Highly recommended.

100% Halal Food
In Siem reap, only one company sells mutton, it is an internatonal company every restaurant take Lamb from then so Mr Abdulla say Little India not Halal so how come then other restaurants have same meat Halal?

Best Thali set meal
Try their Chicken Thali,You will never be disappointed.Best Indian meal I had in Siem Reap when i was there. Cheers.

Best Chicken Tandoori in Siem Reap
I am working in Cambodia since 2002,So I can tell you this is the best Indian restaurant for Tandoori and Kebab.

Good Indian Food
Little India Restaurant Siem Reap Cambodia,As a Indian me and my family had good Indian food from here,My wife loved it too. Thanks for Little India cook,Bahaji.

avoid Indian food. at Little India and its not halal too
We arrived in the hotel late evening and were allotted the room immediately. Since dinner was booked with the stay package, but we like to go out for indian cuisine and make sure its Halal or not i take vegetarian food which got tasteless
and less vegetarian option but it was worst Indian food I had in my life.
i hated the food.and its not halal too
avoid Indian food.
Service is slow but its ok
I hope the review helped.

lying and cheating to Muslim customers for money
I often visit Siem Reap for my business purpose. There are very limited Muslim / Halal food options.Recently I found a place on web and local guide books advertised a restaurant named Little India serving Halal Food near pub street. During my recent visit in Siem Reap I went to that place and inquired about food to make sure is it Halal or Not? Local staff and owner told me“Food is Halal”. When I asked “What is Halal”? They kept quite, even they did not know about actual things and meanings about Halal. I was angry with them because they are lying and cheating Muslim customers for money. I mentioned these things in my blog too. These same things are been done in other non muslim Indian Restaurants too.

Any restaurant can not claim and advertise about Halal Food with Non Muslim ownership/ management/chef/ kitchen staff. So, 100% Surely this restaurant is not serving Halal food. I did not eat here and told my friends and known persons too.

Halal / Muslim food available in Siem reap on following places:

1-Local food :

Khmer Muslim Restaurant; next to neak mah Mosque

2-Malysian food

D Wau Restaurant: No 275, Road No. 6, near Psa Leo Market.

3-Indian / Pakistani Food

Maharajah Restaurant: Street No. 7, Old Market Area.

something wrong with this place
I have visited all Indian restaurants. After reading details,On my recent trip to Siem Reap,I was confused about 2 things and my opinion about this place is something is wrong. Let me explain about it.

1- Any restaurant cannot claim and advertise about Halal Food with Non muslim owner/ management/chef/ kitchen staff. So, 100% sure this restaurant is not serving Halal food.

2- Management wrote details about this restaurant on this site, that was I saw on dozes of web sites from other restaurant, even same to same wording, I know well about that while I searched food places in siem reap. If managements of this restaurant want proof, I will let them show.

So, please write true details with your own words. Thanks

above all text message under its Maharajah Restaurant in siem reap Little Indian just copy and past them self
1: Its not Halal Restaurant but its oldest in town.
2:All message and wordings stolen from Maharajah Restaurant. Its not a good idea and They should be ashamed about themself.

Not HALAL !!! But Yummy south Indian cuisine corner of pub street
Little India Restaurant its Not Halal Restaurant ,I know because I was work in Middle East almost 10 years so I know about Halal very well its ok I don’t care Halal or not I am not a Halal eater and I don’t care Food is Halal or not I just like have food fresh and yummy Little India Restaurant its oldest Indian restaurant in Town, offers South Indian food, veg and non-veg dishes, and Thali set menu available, including different kinds of curry, and masala I like nice food and good price, good for who love south Indian cuisine corner of pub street near the Old Market, opposite of the blue pumpkin…

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