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The Place is So Clean
Maharajah has great inidan food. They have the best gobi aloo! Theres finally a good Indian Restaurant in the town! The staff is kind and very attentive. They also made great recommendations for food. The atmosphere is nice.They play nice music its just great. The place is so clean.

Maharajah Restaurant: Delicious Bryani my friend & i had..simply different taste from the others that i had before..The Samosas were fantastic, the drinks were awesome..we had 2 sets of bryani, 2 pcs prawn samosa,hot tea, mango juice & ice masala tea..we paid USD15 & to us the price is quite reasonable as the food taste superb..thanks to the owner of the restaurant, if im not wrong his name is Mr Ahmed - he is very friendly & helpful..we enjoy eating every food we had ordered & for sure i will drop by MAHARAJAH again for my nxt trip to Siam Reap..

Hungry @
Hi I am Rana, living in (PP) Cambodia since 1999 and during this time and before use be in many countries cause of business, visiting or sports. Usually in second countries are big problem after living is food. As a subcontinent person for not easy to get real taste. I had many visits to Siem Reap and visit to many local, European, subcontinents restaurants. I am visiting to Siem Reap monthly twice. I am going to Maharajah since they opens,I got real taste of subcontinent. Usually I am staying here 2 to 3 days and every day lunch and dinner taking in Maharajah. My best glass of liquor with Pakora & Tandoori Chicken i always take my liquor with me they don’t have liquor about liquor you can take with you, some time I take Sheek Kabab as well in the main coerces Bhindi ( Okra ) Masala and Mutton Korma and Garlic Naan …..

Sister Restaurant to Maharajah at Siem Reap, Now also in Sihanouk Ville,
Favorite haunt of both Expiates & Tourist curry lovers, due to its Fresh, Hygienic & Authentic preparation. Here is a priceless range of all finger licking Dishes, Used high quality authentic Indian spices that make all the visitors have to the delicious food with unforgettable taste.
The only Authentic Halal Food in Town ,
All dishes are Prepared with Vegetable oil, Vegetable are Cleaned with Drinking Water and Ice made with Purified w

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