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Best avoided if you value your health
We ordered a bunch of stuff from Kiran store and had amongst the worst shoping experiences ever!!!
a) Some of the food stuff was old and expired (they had cleverly stuck fake labels with new expiry dates on top of original ones)!!! A packet of Suji actually had live insects inside!
b) A bottle of honey that they sent had a "NOT FOR SALE" label on it! They are obviously procuring atleast some of the goods by dubious means
c) Unless you exact brand that you want (eg maggi sauce) and make sure you repeat it enough times, they will send you the most random brand from their stock which probably noone buys
d)The service is pathetically bad! The delivery man as well as the lady who picks up the phone are extremely rude and refuse to take the defective stuff back (or even commit that they will ensure that they dont send expired food in future). They will shout at you and overall make you curse yourself for buying anything from them.

Overall as i said in the title - Best avoided!

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