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Desi Price Club


We should demand quality
Desi Price Club is able to thrive in Ottawa just because there is not much competition.
1. Products are priced competitively as compared to Vaishali. However they are usually expired. So check before you buy. All sales are final.
2. Very disorganized
3. Extremely poor quality of products. Now they have their own brand which is useless. I suggest people to check Moncion and Loblaws because they sell Indian spices and lentils which are cleaner and much better in every aspect. You don't want to eat lentils with stones and spices full of dirt. There is no point in saving a few dimes at the expense of your health. Now, Walmart sells South Asian groceries. It's better to check out these places. Bulk and Barn can be checked out as well.

I think it's time that we should demand a better quality for every buck we spend and not allow a businessman to make profit at our expense. I like the lady owner of the store and she is very polite but when it comes to business, I think every one should be fair.

Resident of Ottawa

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