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These people don't understand that selling Indian cooking items at competitive prices is not the only way to attract customers. We are usually fairly satisfied with the customer service there - which, of course, keeps deteriorating every time we visit. The last time I was there (only a couple of days back) was the last straw.
(1) The guy who sells meat was not in. Instead there were 2 middle school kids looking after the meat sales, and who had no clue what was going on. When I asked when the actual guy will return, they said, "Maybe tomorrow, maybe the day after, maybe a few days later".
(2) The lady behind the counter made it look like she was doing me a favor by dealing with my purchases. Perhaps the cat got her tongue, and she was talking in monosyllables - mostly "mm-hm". When she handed me my receipt and I thanked her, she said "mm-hm" What courtesy!
The food at DPC may be priced low, but courtesy there is mighty expensive!
I do hope the DPC people read this and improve their basic customer service.

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