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Where to buy Indian fish in Denver CO?


If you love Indian fish then you have probably experienced the frustration of not finding popular Indian fishes like Pomfret or King fish in your local grocery stores. The local American grocery stores in the US typically sell Salmon, Catfish or Tilapia which are not found in India. Fish is a large part of our family diet and we are always on the lookout for good fish. 

H-Mart is a Korean store and has a wonderful seafood section where you can find good selection of Indian fish such as the Black Pomfret, White Pomfret, Kingfish, Mackerel. The entire store is extremely clean and well lit.  The seafood section has fresh fish, shrimp, crabs and lobster as well. Besides buying seafood, its a great store to do your regular grocery.

The Denver  area has one store in Aurora

Address : 2751 South Parker Rd, Aurora CO 80014

Telephone :303.745.4592

Hours : 9 AM - 9:30 PM

If you are unable to travel to Aurora, then you may be able to find the fish in your local Indian grocery stores but you will only probably find only frozen fish. We have typically been disappointed with the fish in the Indian grocery stores as we are not sure when it was packed. 

The Indian Food & Grocery section of the website has a list of such stores. The site currently has over 2000 Indian food & grocery stores listed in the United States. If you think one of the stores has incorrect data or if you have a new store you would like listed, please do contact us. We would greatly appreciate it, if you would provide a review of these stores.

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