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Tarla Dalal Healthy Snacks for Kids





Snacks are an important part of the child's daily food intake but most mothers resort to whatever they have on hand like unhealthy chips, crackers, cookies, aerated drinks etc. This book is a perfect guide for health conscious mothers as it contains 44 simple, healthy and quick to put together snacks that are clubbed under four different sections viz. Filling Snacks, Jar Snacks, Finger Foods and Sweet Treats. These nutrient dense and delicious snacks are made from ingredients like soyabeans, vegetables, fruits etc. and healthy cooking methods like steaming, baking etc.

Opt for these healthy snacks that will not only satisfy your child's hunger pangs but also reduce mindless nibbling on calorie-laden snacks.

Pages: 102
Recipes: 44
Pages in Colour: 10
Price : Rs.89



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